What happens when DAPI comes in?

Juli usually takes the call from a new client and sets up the time for our visit.  We don't roll up in marked cars.  Everything is private and confidential.

We move through the building, spending time in all areas, spending extra time when we sense something with us.

We set  up hunting cameras to try to capture video evidence.  We take hundreds of pictures and  set up recorders to capture EVPs.

After the investigation, we analyze what we captured and review it as a group to make sure that we agree about the nature of pictures, sounds, etc.  If there's a natural explanation, we toss the evidence.

We set up a return visit for our reveal, and we come in to show the client what we got.  We discuss what it means, and talk about coping with the haunting or trying to clear the space.

After the reveal, we keep in touch to see if things improve or deteriorate.

What's a cold spot?

We think that ghosts draw energy from their surroundings when they try to manifest.  Sometimes they drain batteries.  Sometimes they draw heat energy from the air.  Cold spots are a common occurrence.  The weirdest we have experiences is a cold spot in the middle of a field on a hot summer day.

What are ghosts?

No one really knows.  There seem to be different types of hauntings.  A big part of why we do this is to try to answer some of the big questions.

What should I do if I think my house is haunted?

We usually advise people not to interact with entities, because it can encourage them to be more active.  Establish your ownership.  Announce loudly and often that this is  your space, and the entity is not welcome. (even if you feel silly talking to the air).

If things get bad, invite experienced investigators to check it out.  They can also tell you if the activity is truly paranormal.‚Äč

What are orbs?

Sometimes balls  of  light show up in photos.  Sometimes they're dust.  Sometimes they're water vapor.  Sometimes they are something behaving in a way we can't explain.  One thought in the ghosthunting community is that they're the lowest form of spirit energy - an entity trying to manifest.

What's EMF?

Ghost hunters usually carry EMF detectors.  Sometimes entities show up in the form of electromagnetic energy that can be detected and measured.  Sometimes a cooperative entity will answer yes/no questions by interacting with the EMF detector.   DAPI uses several tools based on this technology.  Check  out our video page to look at a clip from a session lasting over an hour.  An entity was moving close to and away from an EMF detector to answer questions and to let us know it was there.

What's an EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomena is a sound that is captured on electronic recording media that couldn't be heard live.  They usually sound like whispers, but some can be quite loud.  We also get phantom sounds, .like bangs, that weren't heard live.