This one requires more explanation.  We were in a home in which a lot of activity was happening.  We were on the third floor and Dawn asked about a trap door in the ceiling.  The relatively new owner said he had never noticed it before.  The Ovilus chimed in "trap door, prison, attic, black."

Two days later, the owner went  upstairs to find that the trap door was open.  None of the residents had touched it.

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Our Ovilus is one of our favorite tools.  It responds to EMF and translates it into words, giving entities a way to talk directly to us.  Sometimes it spouts nonsense, but sometimes it says fascinating things.   There are newer generations, but we cling to our Generation 1, because it has been so useful.

It's supposed to know 250 words, but ours commonly says words that it shouldn't be able to generate.  It comes up with names that make sense in context.  It puts sentences together.  Here are some great recordings that defy explanation.

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