Pictures taken a second apart at an old Civil War orphanage.  The first picture has nothing.  In the second, we see what looks like a boy.  We went outside to stand in that spot.  Whatever was there was about 4 feet tall.  One of the people who works there parks near that spot and reported that she always feels like something is watching her.

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Orb pictures are controversial in our field.  Some people say they're just dust.  These orb pictures gotta make you wonder.  The orbs are behind an object. 

                     Taken on the 3rd floor of a Civil War era farmhouse in a room used for storage.  Face in the right pane has no explanation.

We call this sequence "Pig Faced Demon", because, well, it looks like a pig faced demon.  The pictures were taken in a 2nd story laundry room with a lot of strange activity.  There was no way to stand outside the window.  Over the 3 pictures, the face in the middle pane turns toward us.

From a room in an old inn.  Look in the window.  There's a woman's profile.  She turns a bit in the second picture.  We spent a lot of time trying to debunk this, and she doesn't line up with any objects in the room.

Sometimes our cameras act up around ghosts .  The first picture is a little fuzzy, but you can see that there's a little girl sitting on Juli's lap.  She blocks out the stripes on her shirt.  In the second  picture, taken a second later, the girl is gone.  We got this recording at the time the picture was taken.

Taken on the 2nd floor of the Downingtown log house.  In the upper right pane, it looks like a little African American girl with braids.