Juli - Team Coordinator

My interest in the paranormal began with experiences in a haunted group home in which I worked as a social worker.  My strongest interest is in helping families to cope with paranormal events that are disrupting their lives.

Colleen - Investigator/Sensitive

Working in hospitals for over 25 years, I have had many paranorrmal experiences just in my daily work life. It is common to experience disembodied voices, to see spirits hovering around sick and dying loved ones, and to encounter confused and sometimes angry spirits.  My interest in communicating with and helping the entities grew out of those experiences. Since working with DAPI, my interest has only grown.

Amy - Investigator

I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.  I lived in a house with activity, and we were encouraged to talk about whatever happened.  I love learning about the history of each new place we visit, meeting new people, and hearing about their experiences.


DAPI's investigation team members come from all walks of life.  Our leadership team calls from a pool of dedicated investigators to pull the right people together for each investigation.

We're willing to listen.  We're eager to help.

Dawn - Tech Specialist

I grew up in a haunted house and had to learn to protect myself from the activities going on.  As an IT pro, I bring a skill set with equipment that helps  us to document our experiences.  I am most  interested in helping people to understand whether they are truly experiencing paranormal events.  If they are,  I want to help them to cope, particularly when kids are involved.