For over an hour, an entity interacted with  our EMF detector.  It was lying on a pool table with no power attached.  We asked it to move away and come back to answer yes/no questions.  There had been a lot of activity in this room, including a rather spectacular shave and a haircut interaction.

On the third floor of the Eagle Tavern, something was playing with our flashlight.  Juli complained that the light was in her eyes, and the entity slid it backwards.

We went into the basement of a Civil War era home in West Chester, PA.  Our main cameras quit working, and we had to fall back to the video mode on a regular camera.  The probe on this EMF detector had moved about 3 inches across the floor.  I asked the entity to move it again, and it did. Once we left the basement, all of our cameras started to work again.  We also had a phantom smell of fire in the basement area.

Video is the toughest evidence to capture.  We set up hunting cameras, and something triggers them, but nothing shows up. We watch hours and hours of video from a camera set up for days, and we're lucky to get a shadow.  Ghosts tend to appear and disappear really quickly.  Dawn once watched a full body apparition walk right in front of a running camera, and nothing showed up on the video.

The video links below are some of the best results we've been lucky enough to get.  We'll keep trying!

The family living in this house reported that their bed shook a lot at night.  We set up a camera on a tripod and left the room.  The bed shook (toward the end of the video).  The family was really glad to have some tangible proof that they weren't crazy - just haunted.